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    Department of Medical Biology and Central Electron Microscope Laboratory Our research team focuses on the role of the CREB transcription factor in the survival, programmed cell death and neuronal differentiation of cell cultures. Its role has been proven in learning, in several neurodegenerative diseases and in the survival of neurons. The research covers the following two areas of interest. Investigation of alcohol-stress The proper mechanism of alcoholism and alcohol-stress has not been known in details.

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    The aim of the research is to identify and characterize the alcohol-induced signaling pathways, to explore the relationship between CREB and alcoholism. Exploration of endoplasmic reticulum stress Cells can undergo programmed cell death pindependently due to extensive endoplasmic reticulum stress.

    Endoplasmic reticulum stress has a role in the development of several diseases, and its selective induction might be a promising target of the therapy of pnegative tumors. The experiments investigate the role of the CREB protein in endoplasmic reticulum stress.

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